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We are OFFLEASH All The Time
A GREAT Alternative to
 Traditional Doggy Day Care & Dog Boarding

Our Daycare and Nightcare is unique from the word “go play”.  It starts with your dog being picked up at your door (no charge for pickup and delivery to certain areas) and being transported with other furry friends to the hill country of Spicewood.  Upon arrival,  the  dogs are taken on an offleash nature walk on four (4) fenced acres with tons of oak trees and nature to explore.  The dogs sniff and run with friends they know and meet new ones.  After our walk, the dogs can continue to explore the four fenced acres, play chase games with new and old friends on the spacious covered concrete porch, or relax  inside a climate-controlled doggie room.  

Your dog’s entire experience is offleash with other dogs all day (we of course don't let them play ALL DAY - that would wear them out).   Dogs always have access to the indoors through the dog door – which we teach them to use.  After a fun-filled day of daycare or staying overnight, the dogs are transported back to your door (or we can meet you!), tired from a great day of exercise, the great outdoors and play time with other dogs.  

Overnighters sleep inside our 360 square foot climate-controlled room with other dogs and have a choice of sleeping in crates with beds (dogs are crated at owners’ request) or sleeping on large dog beds.  We make sure all is quiet during the night so that dogs get the much-needed rest they need and do not bark all night (most are pretty tired anyway!). Each morning, everyone goes for a walk before feeding, but the dogs also have access to a fenced area to take a potty break during the night if they are not crated.  We limit the # of dogs that stay so that everyone is comfortable.

Overnighters go home tired but it is not because they are in kennel runs with dogs barking all day and all night at each other. They go home tired because they had a rare opportunity to play with other dogs and have four acres to explore with the indoors to relax in.   Overnighters think this is the next best place than their own home and get to enjoy the beautiful scenery with family. 

We post our pictures on FACEBOOK - check them out under Spicewood K9 Club - they are way too funny and will always make you smile.

Text Julie (512-789-0697) or email for more information.

This is the Spicewood K9 Club Van.
We pickup and deliver to your door for daycare and boarding - no charge! Call for pickup locations.
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