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OFFLEASH Dog Daycare  & Dog Boarding 

Who We Are
Spicewood K9 Club began operation in January 2009 at my home on six (6) beautiful treed acres in the hill country of Spicewood to provide canine customers with an OFFLEASH Daycare and Boarding experience like no other.  We designed our Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding experience for F-U-N.  Hating the traditional, lonely, stressful kennel, we made our motto “Let Your Dog Live Offleash” and that’s exactly what our canine friends do here everyday.  We are hands-on with your dog - we are a small operation and the person handling your dog's comfort and time here is will be very experienced because they've been working here a long time (it's usually ME!).  Bourree' and Willow are my beloved dogs - hound dog and beagle,  6 and 12 years old, they are part of our everyday pack. 

Why We Do It
I found it very hard to find a place where I would leave my beloved dog for an overnight stay or daycare.  I am picky!  I wanted my dog to be safe and have fun and not be bored or stressed out.  We are lucky to be one of those places - and we take pride in what we offer to your doggie.  Exercise and socialization are key to developing a dog that is wonderful to be around.  Without socialization, dogs worlds become small and they cannot go places with their families or have fun with other dogs – that is a huge limitation for a dog and it limits where humans can take their dogs and how integrated in their lives their dogs can become.   If your dog only hangs out with humans, they are forced to exist with “aliens” that do not speak their language or act like them. The result is insecurity and fear.  Without exercise, dogs become unhealthy, obsessive, destructive, overweight, bored and depressed.  Being outside with other dogs and humans lifts a dogs spirits – it is just plain good for them and exactly where they belong.  Consider this unique OFFLEASH experience for your dog - we will improve his/her socialization skills - we do it everyday!

Handsome Rowdy
Boudreaux & Julie
Boudreaux enjoys the pink girly bed instead of doing training cause he's smarter than all the other dogs
Dogs Can Play with Access to Four (4) Fenced Acres & Have Indoor Play Space 
Piper Shows How Pools Rock!
Bourree' & Julie
Bourree', Willow & Julie