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Helpful Links for You and Your Dog!

FOOD - This is a very important subject to me and I'm pretty passionate about it.  My best recommendation for you is to feed the BARF diet (raw meaty bones and organ meat - no kibble!).  A business named Reel Raw Dog provides my dogs' food and they are the absolute BEST -  Raw is the way to go for your dog - there is no substitute for this no matter what type of dog you have - they are 99.9% wolf in their DNA and guess what wolves thrive on?  

TRAINING - Christine Reisor - HIGHLY Recommended by my customers - her number is 512-695-6449.  Very experienced and will come to your home and take your dog with you to various places to work on certain behaviors that involve other dogs or people or places!

VETS - In Spicewood, my most favorite traditional vet is Paleface Veterinary - 512-264-1700 - Dr. Schuessler is top notch.   And our BEST Holistic/Traditional Vet is Love Animal Hospital 512-282-0221.  We love Bee Cave Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Reinap as well - 512-263-3039. 

GROOMING - WE DO NOT DO GROOMING!  Favorite Groomers are Sandys Grooming - 830-385-4084 (VERY reasonable price wise, 20+ years experience, local in Spicewood) & Max & Molly's Grooming - 512-264-1405 - in spicewood but close to lakeway - great group with tons of experience.  We are lucky to have the BEST groomers in Spicewood!

SPICEWOOD LIONS CLUB - Since 2009 I am a member of the Spicewood Lions Club - they are an awesome club who SERVE Spicewood in many ways.  To learn more, or to donate to our causes, visit 

AUSTIN RIDGE BIBLE CHURCH - I am a member of Austin Ridge Bible Church - an awesome group of christians who work to Know, Serve and Grow in Christ.  Check them out - lots of mission work to join in on and great genuine authentic people to become friends with!

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